August 2, 2013

  • A Poem Using Song Titles

     Song titles are in bold…March 15, 2005

    Pieces of me

    Are long time gone

    I want to be beautiful

    In this skin


    A page is turned

    My heart will go on

    Somewhere out there

    Bluer skies


    Merciful rain pours down

    I emerge like a flower in the rain

    I could not ask for more


    On the tip of my heart

    All these things

    Have me turned inside out


    When the lights go down

    I think to myself

    How was I to know?

    I don’t want to break down here


    I’d rather breakaway

    My heart wants to run

    But I’m slowly learning I don’t have to be perfect

    Even though I’m restless

    As I continue to try and find my place in this world

  • Poetry and Prompts

    This blog is going to be used for my poetry and different writings  using prompts. I’ll being using prompts and pictures found from various places: The web, books, songs, pictures etc. If any one wants me to take a particular thing down just let me know, I will remove it. This will be a place where other writers of all kinds can come together and get ideas. I think you have to have Xanga to comment but feel free to comment via the posts on Facebook where I will be sharing them.